Shielding Gasket Solutions and Materials

Shielding Gasket Solutions and Materials

Our EMI shielding gaskets are used on the conductive path along seams and openings in an electronic enclosure to prevent electromagnetic wave from entering or exiting a shielded enclosure. These gaskets are produced with precision and comes in various designs, materials and shapes for specific shielding requirements. We can also offer customized shielding gaskets based on client’s specific requirement. Please email to us if you have any special requirement.      

EMI shielding gaskets

  We offer a wide range of EMI shielding gaskets in all shapes and sizes. They are made from the best materials for shielding electromagnetic signals.

EMI/IP gaskets

In this product group you will find our EMI/IP shielding gaskets that also have very good water sealing properties. 



Fingerstrip Gaskets and Metal Grounding Products for Shielding and Grounding Applications