Electrically Conductive Foam

Electrically Conductive Foam 

Electrically Conductive Foam 5770

Structure with foam as its central layer, suitable for EMI shielding and absorbing gaskets

This Conductive foam is made of polyurethane foam coated with copper and nickel. Compression is 25% to 75% and the maximum application temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius.


The material will return to almost its original height when released. The foam is covered with a layer of conductive polyurethane to protect from environmental influences and to prevent burrs when cutting. Its conductivity is excellent in all directions (X, Y, and Z). This Conductive Foam is fire retardant as well as Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant.


  • Available in thicknesses of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.2, 3.4 and 5 mm
  • Several layers can be joined together for thickness, on request
  • Excellent electric conductivity throughout the material
  • Excellent electromagnetic shielding effect
  • High workability due to adhesion
  • Easy die cutting and slitting
  • 950 mm width


  • Mobile phone
  • Noise filter core
  • Cable tray
  • Shielded rooms

Technical drawing:

Conductive foam technical drawing

Technical data

Thickness (mm)1, 1.5, 2, 2.2, 3.4 or 5
(other sizes on request)
Width (mm)Max. 950
Length (meters)Max. 950
Adhesive strength (gf/25mm)>1,000
Holding strength (sec)>3,600
Surface resistance (Ω/sq)0.2
Surface resistance (Ω/in)1.0 max
Volume resistance (Ω/sq)0.2
Top-bottom resistance (Ω/in)1.0 max
Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)Compliant
Fire retardant (cm/min)Pass
Max. application temperatureBetween 60 and 70 degrees

Material specifications:

  • Mesh: woven polyester, copper and nickel coated
  • Conductive foam: polyurethane foam (copper and nickel coated)
  • PSA: acrylic ester polyol copolymer + nickel powder
  • PU coating: polymer resin (polyurethane)
  • Release liner: CP paper avg 150 μm
Conductive foam in various thicknesses and cut to shape
Conductive foam can be cut into any shape according to your CAD drawing. The round parts have a copper and nickel plated non-woven top layer – this is optional
Conductive foam has an open cell structure which makes it easy to compress
Conductive foam can be cut according to customer’s requirements. The conductive foam pieces can be easily removed from the release liner and be stuck into place with the electrically conductive adhesive
Very thin (1mm thick) Conductive foam cut according to customer requirement
Product sample of 5770 Conductive foam in use
Product example of 5770 Conductive foam in use

Benefits and options:

  • With or without self-adhesive
  • Supplied as sheets, strips or die-cuts
  • With water seal
  • Resistant to high temperatures, with cooling holes
  • Reinforced with non-woven fabric on 1 or 2 sides
  • PSA attachment method option
  • Nickel/copper metalization
  • X-Y-Z axis conductivity
  • Tolerance of ± 0.5 mm
  • I/O static applications/gasket replacement

Shielding effectiveness 100Mhz – 1GHz

  • 1.5 mm thickness, 80dB – 83dB
  • 2.4 mm thickness, 88dB – 104dB
  • 3.5 mm thickness, 80dB – 103dB

Shielding performance

Measurement 1

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

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