Faraday Cages and EMI Shielded Test Boxes

Faraday Cages and EMI Shielded Test Boxes

We supply Faraday cages, shielded chambers, shielded test boxes and all other components required for making a shielded room, shielded box (Faraday cage) like:

  • Power & signal filters
  • Waveguides for data communication
  • Shielded doors
  • Windows
  • Shielded ventilation panels

We also offer TEMPEST equipment for crypto communication and even welded EMP bunkers. We have a large standard range in stock and can deliver to the cage building industry within short turnaround times. We can customize based on client’s requirement and guarantee delivery within short turnaround time.

Shielded boxes, enclosures and racks come in many different standard sizes and versions. Depending on the application and the needed frequency attenuation at we can supply within short turnaround time.

Faraday Cages and Components

We are specialized in the design and supply of Faraday cages in any desired frequency attenuation. We can offer you all the components such as power and signal line filters, windows, doors, ventilation, and many more.

EMI / RFI shielded boxes

Mobile Faraday cages for transporting electronics where the data access needs protection from being compromised.