Mu-Copper Cages

Mu-Copper Cages

 Mu-copper Faraday cages

Mu-copper foil is used to create a Faraday cage in an existing room or building

Mu-copper wall covering system

Mu-copper foil has high attenuation properties in the electrical field (up to 120 dB) as well as in the magnetic field.

It is easy to apply, like wallpaper, thanks to its special adhesive for walls, ceilings and floors. The interior finish can be plaster board, foam tiles or plywood.

The 0.12 mm thick Mu-Copper is used to transform a regular room into a shielded room; the product has excellent shielding performance even at low frequencies. The system is easy to mount on shielded doors with clamping devices. The standard width of Mu-Copper is 1000 mm. The foil can be delivered on rolls or as ready-made sheets.

Overlap options

For the joints you can use a 50 mm overlap. For extra high performance you can fully solder the joints or use a seaming/copper tape with a conductive self-adhesive to apply over the joints.

Mu-copper faraday cages overlap soldered seaming tape


For ventilation we have developed honeycomb ventilation panels. Especially for the Mu-copper Faraday cages we can deliver honeycomb vent panels with a Mu-copper flap around the edges. It is easy to solder these into the Mu-copper Faraday cage.

  • Cost-effective / takes up little space
  • Light weight / high floor load
  • Can be constructed with local labour
  • Standard interior finish possible like plasterboard
  • Maintenance free
  • Delivery with turnkey measurement report
  • Many sizes directly available from stock, custom designs available within a few weeks
Advantages over mesh

Mesh does not protect against high frequencies and it is difficult to connect all wires or the mesh in big constructions.
With foil you can use the whole surface to create coupling.

  • EMI shielded server room
  • EMI shielded MRI room
  • Server rooms
  • EMC test rooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Medical examination rooms
  • Rooms for physiotherapy
  • Radar protection/Airport
  • TEMPEST Sites
  • Military EMC protection
  • Board room shielding
  • Industrial espionage/ Secure room
  • Buildings for intelligence agencies

Mu-copper Faraday cage window doorMu-copper Faraday cage window

mu-copper-cage-honeycombsMu-copper Faraday cage honeycombs

mu-copper-cage-worksMu-copper Faraday cage workmanship

Shielding performance
Copper cage magnetic
  Soldered copper
  Copper with seaming tape

Please note: These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations. Please read our Guarantee.

Copper cage electric
  Soldered copper
  Copper with seaming tape

Please note: These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations. Please read our Guarantee.


In addition to EMI shielded doors and windows, the screened rooms can be equipped with the following components:

We also offer shielding solutions for water pipes, medical gases, and ventilation when needed.


The Mu-copper Faraday cage can be equipped with the following options:

  • Waveguides for data communication
  • Shielded windows
  • Shielded ventilation panels
  • Power line filters
  • Signal line filters
  • Shielding solutions for water pipes and (medical) gases
  • Standard interior finish is possible (like glued plasterboard, foam tiles or plywood)

You can create a Faraday cage with high shielding performance yourself in an economic way, using local labour. This is possible in existing buildings as well as in new ones, without loss of space. Depending on the quality of the doors, vent panels, filters and/or windows used, attenuation levels up to 80-100 dB in the E-field can be realized. When more layers are applied, it is possible to achieve over 120 dB.


The system can be used with a detachable or fixed ceiling to separate existing ducts and cables from the shielded room.

Mu-copper cages ceiling
modified RF shielded door
Modified RF shielded door

When a lower performance of e.g. 40-60 dB is acceptable, we can retrofit your existing door. The door is then equipped with gaskets at the top and sides, and with a conductive copper brush and doorstep at the bottom.

Both swinging and sliding doors are suitable for being shielded this way.

For heavy duty applications we can supply Faraday cage doors that offer up to 140 dB reduction.

For more information see our Faraday cage doors webpage.

How to order

You can indicate below how many square meters Mu-copper foil you need to cover your room. You can also specify if you want an offer for adhesives for pasting the Mu-copper on the walls and solder for closing the seams.

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