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EMI Shielding Tape

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Conductive tapes for EMI shielding. These materials are used to shield plastic housings, cables, and enclosures against undesirable electromagnetic signals. The tapes are also used to close seams in electrical enclosures and Faraday cages.

Many EMI problems can be solved easily by the use of conductive tape. Some of the most commonly used materials are Mu-copper foil, reinforced Amucor foil and highly conductive textile.

All of these materials are available with or without (conductive) self-adhesive and an optional insulation layer.

In addition, all tapes can be cut according to the customer’s CAD drawing into any desired shape, width and length.

Shielding performance of different types of tape
Field Frequency Mu-copper tape Amucor tape Conductive-textile tape Mu-ferro tape
0.12 mm thick 0.04 mm thick 0.10 mm thick
E 1 MHz 125 dB 121 dB 115 dB Developed for low-frequency (LF) magnetic field shielding
E 10 MHz 101 dB 110 dB 108 dB
E 100 MHz 120 dB 103 dB 102 dB
E 400 MHz 115 dB 98 dB 92 dB
P 1 GHz 110 dB 92 dB 90 dB
P 10 GHz 120 dB 85 dB 80 dB
Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. In other situations, results may differ. Please read our Guarantee.
EMI-shielding tapes (Select one of the types of tape below to continue)

Mu-copper tape has superb shielding performance (also at low frequencies), can be soldered, and is easy to fold into the desired shape.

Reinforced Amucor tape is both cost-effective and heat resistant. This thin foil tape can be applied easily to any surface or housing shape.

Conductive textile tape with self- adhesive can be applied easily to plastic housings to cover complex forms and shapes.

Mu-ferro tape was developed for low-frequency (LF) magnetic field shielding.

Aluminium tape was developed espacially for EMI/RFI-shielding/screening in aluminium housings and frames to prevent galvanic corrosion.

A metal tape with a highly conductive or standard self-adhesive on one side and masking tape on the other side. This tape is used when a contact surface is needed after a metal case has been coated.

A double-sided self-adhesive transfer tape for mounting purposes. After the removal of the release liner, there only remains a thin layer of electrically conductive adhesive.