Japan Homeland Security Corporation (JHS)

Our products

Japan Homeland Security Corporation (JHSC) is a private company that specializes in research, consulting services, marketing and sales of high performance security and safety products in Japan.

Our LINE-X line of products are well known for its tough, high performance elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum protection, durability and limitless applications. LINE-X protective coating is indestructible and can be applied on almost anything that needs protection, high performance and strength under extreme conditions.

Our line of products are designed to control the spread of radiological contamination, isolate risk and increase personnel and environmental safety in hazardous operating environments especially in nuclear plants, laboratories etc.

We offer various types of faraday cage, shielded doors, prefabricated modular systems, foil-based cages, tents and protective fabrics. Our products include over 24000 different EMI/RFI gaskets, fingerstrips, conductive tapes, honeycomb ventilation panels, PCB shielded windows etc. 

Our TYRON Vehicle Runflat solutions is designed with your safety in mind and will enable your vehicle to handle safely in the event of a blow out or a flat tire. It is preinstalled on the wheels of your vehicle and always ready to kick into action during a tire emergency.

Our integrated solutions utilize the combination of specialized products, innovative technologies and know-how for various applications based on specific needs of our market or client requirement. 

Distributor Opportunities

Please contact us if you are looking for a new business opportunity or if you would like to handle any of the above.