Investigation Box (With Gloves and Window)

Investigation box (with gloves & window)
 Investigation Box (With Gloves and Window)

Investigation box with built-in led light and shielded gloves; working size 500(W)*400(D)*406(H)

Investigation box (with gloves & window) (500 x 400 x 406mm)

The Investigation box/shielding box is designed for medium shielding performance of around 80 dB and keeping contact with the device under investigation.

The box is also equipped with shielded gloves so you can use and operate the appliances inside the box, without having to open the box and thus retain the shield.

By using the built-in LED lighting, it is possible to have a good view on the device and your hands inside the box.

  • High levels of shielding attenuation, greater than 80 dB
  • Box can be equipped with shielded power filters
  • Connection in the box while still blocking all wireless signals
  • Easy & Flexible operation in Lab and production line
  • R&D, custom design
Gas springs

The shielded box is equipped with gas springs that make opening and closing the box easy.

Technical specifications
Shielding effect≥65 dB
Interface typeType 2
Number of filters4
Working temperature (°C)Normal work
Working Dimensions (mm)500(W)*400(D)*406(H)
Outer Dimensions (mm)547(W)*447(D)*438(H)
Weight (kg)36
Colour of appearanceBeige
* Notice: dimensions are indicative
Shielding performance

Investigation box built-in led lighting

Investigation box with built-in LED light & gas springs

Technical drawing

Investigation box with gloves window Technical drawing dimensions

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