Frame Gasket

Frame Gasket

Frame Gasket (EMC/IP) 8100

For EMI shielding of panels and screwed applications like displays, windows, and honeycomb

The 8100 series Frame Gaskets are ready-made gaskets according to customer specifications. They have reinforced corner pieces to guarantee optimum shielding performance and easy mounting characteristics.

The base material is Amucor-shield 6800 series, Standard shield 7000 series or Ultra soft shield 7400 series.

The gasket can be produced with or without self-adhesive. When the gasket has little contact surface we recommend providing the gasket with an electrically conductive self-adhesive. The frame can be made with, without or with conductive adhesive and there is a amucor (8100) or conductive version (8101).   

Neoprene core specifications

Shielding performance:

The product’s shielding performance depends on the chosen outer material (i.e. the conductive material). The 8100 series Frame gasket can be made with Amucor (Aluminum alloy) or conductive textile (very effective if combined with stainless steel, copper and chrome-plated constructions).

  Amucor shield
  Conductive fabric

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations. Please read our Guarantee.


  • Easy mounting
  • High shielding performance
  • No tools required
  • Dimensions up to 2 x 2 m
  • Can be supplied with self-adhesive

Core materials:

  • N : Neoprene
  • P : Low closure force PVC foam
  • E : EPDM
  • F : Flame retardant UL94V-O foam
  • S : Silicone foam
  • L : Polyurethane foam (ultra soft)
Compression stops (optional)

Disc or washer-type compression stops can be included to prevent over compression. Please see below.

Washer type compression stops used at bolt holes
Disk type compression stops used beside bolt holes

8100 series Frame gasket; example of larger dimensions (1.0 x 0.6 m).

8101 Frame gasket; Amucor version with neoprene core. Holes according to customer’s drawing and conductive self-adhesive

8100 Frame gasket example. Version with conductive textile and low closure force polyurethane foam.

8100 Frame gasket; conductive textile version with self-adhesive on the back

Various uses:

Examples of different uses for the frame gasket (The solid Gray part is the water seal)


1. Frame gasket used in a flat lid on a curved housing construction


2. Frame gasket used in a curved lid on a curved housing construction


3. Frame gasket used in a groove

Technical drawing

If you send us a drawing, please include the dimensions shown above.

Technical Datasheet

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