Snap-on Mounting Fingerstrip Series

Snap-on Mounting Fingerstrip Series

Snap-on Mounting Fingerstrip Series 2200

Snap-on fingerstrip gaskets can be attached on tracks or rails, or through holes or slots in your construction

These Snap-on fingerstrips have very low compression force and almost no friction when compressed. They are excellent for “sliding” applications. The symmetrical design allows two-way contact. Very convenient for ESD grounding and RFI/EMI shielding of:

  • Front panel handles
  • Doors in shielded housings
  • Panels in shielded enclosures
  • Covers of shielded enclosures
  • Sliding trays
  • Assembly of plug-in units
  • Back planes
  • And other electronic enclosure applications

Fingerstrips as STP files

To receive the STP files of the fingerstrips please contact us with the part number you need.

Installation process: 

  • Press and hold the edge of the fingerstrip gasket in one of the grooves
  • Push in the direction of the second groove until the fingerstrip snaps into the second groove

NOTE: For some fingerstrips special Snap-on fingerstrip tracks are available for mounting. 

Bold items are 98% on stock.

     Snap-on 2202

      2202-01, 2202-05 and 2202-07
      2202-02, 2202-04 and 2202-08
Part numberADFGHMaterial thicknessAvailable mounting track
2202-01*9.12.84034.84.30.08 mm 
2202-029.12.84034.84.30.08 mmTR2202-02
2202-0411.43.63836.45.80.08 mmTR2202-04
2202-05*15.85.63799.68.80.10 mm 
2202-07*8.92.85084.84.30.08 mm 
2202-088.92.85084.84.30.08 mm 
Material: Beryllium-copper

      Clip-on 2203

The low fingerstrip profile of .080″ (2.0 mm) enables practical installation and compression in very narrow grooves and openings. The long, slender fingerstrip profile has very low compression force and is very durable. Works well with “wiping” applications.

Part numberADFGHMaterial thicknessAvailable mounting track
2203-017.63.34064.84.30.05 mm 
2203-028.12.54064.84.20.05 mm 
2203-038.12.94004.84.30.05 mmTR2203-03
2203-048.12.84064.84.30.05 mm 
2203-059.13.03814.84.30.05 mm 
2203-069.43.34006.55.70.05 mmTR2203-06
2203-0815.25.84577.26.40.08 mmTR2203-08
2203-0915.35.64009.58.70.05 mmTR2203-09
2203-1019.58.14009.58.70.08 mmTR2203-10
2203-1120.38.14009.58.70.10 mmTR2203-11
Material: Beryllium-copper

Clip-on 2204

       2204-01 and 2204-02
       2204-01-01 and 2204-02-01
Part numberABDFGHMaterial thickness
2204-0111.46.02.04063.12.50.05 mm
2204-01-0111.46.01.54063.12.50.05 mm

0.05 mm

2204-02-0115.28.22.34063.12.50.05 mm

Clip-on 2205

Part numberABDFGHMaterial thickness
2205-0215.2max 22.34063.22.50.09 mm
2205-0314.0max 1.52.04063.22.50.09 mm
2205-0419.1max 1.53.04063.22.50.09 mm
Material: Beryllium-copper

       Snap-on fingerstrip mounting tracks

          TR2202-02, TR2202-04, TR2202-06

The installation of the 2200 Series can be directly in your housing using slots or alternatively using a Snap-on fingerstrips track (mounting rail).

Part numberAF
TR2202-028.1 400
TR2203-06 A, B or C8.1400
TR2203-07 A, B or C14.2457
TR2203-10 A, B or C19.2400
TR2203-11 A, B or C17.8400
          TR2203-07, TR2203-08, TR2203-09

Snap-on fingerstrips rivet

Part number 
R-01For plate thicknesses of 0.5 to 1.5 mm
R-02For plate thicknesses of 1.1 to 1.9 mm

Mounting examples

Ideally suited for applications where lids or doors (think of doors for a Faraday cage or EMI shielded enclosure) are repeatedly opened and closed.

This type fingerstrip is also widely used in 19” racks, communication cabinets, communication cabinets, EMI/RFI shielded enclosures. The 2200 Snap-on Fingerstrips mounting series profiles can be used for earthing or electrical connection.

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