Die-Cut Gasket

Die-Cut Gasket

Die-Cut Gasket 8300

Gasket die-cut according to the client out of various materials, for example: silicone gasket, monel gasket, conductive rubber, conductive foam, neoprene.

Combiner IP-EMC seal

Gaskets made out of conductive rubber are quite expensive and are also usually less soft than needed for the application. Due to excessive stiffness, the door or lid of the electronics housing will become warped or bent, which then causes electromagnetic leakage. Therefore we have developed gaskets which provide the same functionality while being significantly softer. Gasket size can be up to 2 x 3 meter and even bigger on request. Some examples are listed below.

  • Self-adhesive neoprene gasket with knitted mesh inside
  • Very small gasket with inserts of conductive foam
  • Small gasket with insert of
    conductive, hollow, round rubber profile
  • Silicone foam gasket with mesh foil inside
  • Flash-cut gasket
  • Neoprene gasket with conductive-rubber hollow O-ring profile
  • Flash-cut gasket
  • Fabric over foam-gasket profile with asymmetric tape
  • Neoprene edge around a core of conductive foam
  • EMC/IP gaskets 7300 series (Amucor version) with cutouts for easy bending
  • Die-cut gasket from profile (embossed Amucor foil)
  • Standard shield 7000 series with cutouts for easy bending
  • Round closed-cell neoprene gasket with soft conductive foam inside
  • EMC/IP gaskets 7300 series with holes cut according to customer’s drawing and with uninterrupted water sea

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