Signal Line Filters

Signal Line Filters

 Signal Line Filters 8090

This series of signal filters are used for telephone, data communication, control, and fire alarm


These signal line filters are specially designed to use for telephone, fax, fire detection, video signal and AC/DC switch signal with a rated current between 0.3 A and 1 A. The filter is in compliance with standards specified by national military class C and D shielded room and anechoic chamber.


This series is only offered as a two line filter (phase and neutral).


  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • AC/DC
  • Switch signal
  • Fire detection
  • Door opening buttons
  • All other application using the passband specified in the table below
Shielding performance
🟥 8090-2-0.3-20kHz

⬛ 8090-2-1-100kHz

🟩 8090-2-1-6MHz
🟦 8090-2-1-6MHz
🟨 8090-2-16-100kHz

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. In other situations, results may differ. Please read our Guarantee.

Dimensional Diagrams:

Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 3
Diagram 4
Diagram 5
Diagram 6

Product range:

TypeRated voltageRated currentOutline drawingConduit sizePassbandTypical applications
8090-2-0.3-20 kHz250 VDC2 x 0.3 A1M120-20 kHzTelephone, fax
8090-2-1-100 kHz250 VAC2 x 1 A1M120-100 kHzControl, voice
8090-2-1-6 MHz100 VDC2 x 1 A1M160-6 MHzSpecial fire alarm
8090-1-1-6 MHz100 VDC1 x 1 A2M160-6 MHzVideo signal
8090-2-16-100 kHz250 VAC2 x 16 A3M160-100 kHzAirconditioning unit
8090-10-1-6 MHz250 VDC10 x 1 A4M240-6 MHzSpecial fire alarm
8090-10-1-20 kHz250 VAC / 250 VDC10 x 1 A5M240-20 MHzTelephone, fax
8090-10-1-100 kHz250 VDC10 x 1 A6M240-100 kHzControl, voice
Note: Please specify the number of control lines and current volume if control lines are more than 2 or current is bigger than 1 A.

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