EMI/RFI Cable Entry Glands

EMI/RFI cable entry glands

EMI/RFI cable entry glands 4960

HF-Closed (EMC) Cable Entry Gland with metric and PG- line – nickel-plated with IRIS-suspension. Excellent EMI/RFI shielding for screened cables

The Cable entry gland provides an excellent EMI/RFI shield for screened cables which pass through enclosure walls. A round or threaded hole is required to mount the gland. (The gland can also be welded or soldered into the enclosure wall).

The Cable entry gland uses a wire mesh olive, which when compressed provides circumferential pressure to both the cable and gland body, giving excellent electrical conductivity. The gasket ensures a good EMI seal between the gland & enclosure.

Using a conductive heat shrink boot (not supplied) can also provide a degree of environmental sealing.

EMI/RFI cable entry glands

Materials & properties

Surface protectionNickel-plated
Operating temperature-20 °C – +130 °C
EMC Gasket525 series TCS Knitted wire mesh over solid silicone ring
Thread typemetric wire with EN 50.262;PG-wire volgens DIN 46.320
Explosion safe zone (Dust)None
For explosion protection zone (Gas)None
Protection (IP)IP68
Halogen proofYes
Version 1Only cut the cable jacket; braiding* continues (so dont cut it off)
version 2Only cut cable jacket at height of IRIS
*braiding = cable jacket continues

Shielding performance

Attenuation (dB)
10kHz (H)72
100kHz (H)84
100kHz (E)>130
1MHz (H)90
1MHz (E)>128
10MHz (E)>120
100MHz (E)>120
Standard part numbers

EMC entry glands version 1 and 2

 Part numberSize
For cable
Thread length
Key width
 4960-16-1,5-4,0M 16 x 1,5PG 961,5-4,54,0-6,56181
 4960-16-2,5-6,5M 16 x 1,5PG 962,5-6,06,5-9,56181
 4960-20-2,5-4,0M 20 x 1,5PG 116,52,5-6,04,0-6,56.5222
 4960-20-3,5-6,5M 20 x 1,5PG 116,53,5-8,56,5-9,56.5221
 4960-20-3,5-7,0M 20 x 1,5PG 116,53,5-8,57,0-10,56.5221
 4961-20-3,5-6,5M 20 x 1,5PG 116,53,5-6,56,5-9,56.5221
 4961-20-3,5-7,0M 20 x 1,5PG 13,56,53,5-8,07,0-10,56.5221
 4960-20-6,5-7,0M 20 x 1,5PG 13,56,56,5-10,57,0-10,56.5222
 4960-20-6,5-9,0M 20 x 1,5PG 13,56,56,5-10,59,0-13,06.5221
 4960-25-3,0-6,5M 25 x 1,5PG 13,57,53,0-8,06,5-9,57.5281
 4960-25-5,0-7,0M 25 x 1,5PG 167,55,0-8,07,0-10,57.5281
 4960-25-5.0-9,0M 25 x 1,5PG 167,55,0-8,09,0-13,07.5281
 4960-25-6,5-9,0M 25 x 1,5PG 1686,5-10,59,0-13,07.5281
 4960-32-4,5-9,0M 32 x 1,5PG 1684,5-9,59,0-13,08351
 4960-32-7,0-9,0M 32 x 1,5PG 2187,0-12,09,0-13,08351
 4960-32-8,0-11,5M 32 x 1,5PG 2188,0-13,511,5-15,58351
 4960-32-9,0-14,0M 32 x 1,5PG 2189,0-14,514,0-18,08351
 4960-40-13,0-14,0M 40 x 1,5PG 21813,0-17,014,0-18,08431
 4960-40-13,0-17,0M 40 x 1,5PG 29813,0-18,017,0-20,58431
 4960-40-15,0-17,0M 40 x 1,5PG 29815,0-20,017,0-20,58432
 4960-40-15,0-20,0M 40 x 1,5PG 291015,0-20,020,0-25,08431
 4960-50-18,5-24,0M 50 x 1,5PG 291018,5-25,024,0-28,010541
 4960-50-24,0-27,0M 50 x 1,5PG 361024,0-30,527,0-32,010542
 4960-50-24,0-29,0M 50 x 1,51024,0-30,529,0-33,010541
 4960-50-34,0-34,0M 50 x 1,5PG 361034,0-38,034,0-39,010572
 4960-50-34,0-36,0M 50 x 1,5PG 421034,0-39,036,0-40,010571
 4960-63-33,0-39,0M 63 x 1,5PG 421533,0-38,039,0-44,010681
 4960-63-36,0-45,0M 63 x 1,5PG 481536,0-42,045,0-51,010811
 4960-63-42,0-45,0M 63 x 1,51542,0-48,545,0-51,010811
 4960-63-42,0-51,0M 63 x 1,51542,0-48,551,0-56,016811
 4960-75-39,0-42,0M 75 x 1,51539,0-48,042,0-47,015811
 4960-75-39,0-45,0M 75 x 1,51539,0-48,045,0-52,015811
 4960-75-47,0-54,0M 75 x 1,52 1⁄2″1547,0-54,054,0-58,015811
 4960-80-47,0-58,0M 80 x 22 1⁄2″1547,0-54,058,0-64,015951
 4960-80-47,0-63,0M 80 x 23″1547,0-54,063,0-70,015951

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