Nickel graphite filled conductive shieldoseal 3991

Creates an electrically and thermally conductive connection between components. Used for ESD and EMI shielding applications.

Shieldoseal is a 65-durometer adhesive sealant, filled with electrically conductive particles. The sealant will cure within 24 hours, but ultimate physical properties could take up to 72 hours to develop. Shieldoseal should adhere excellently to most substrates


Shieldoseal for EMI shielding:

One of the applications of Shieldoseal is EMI shielding. Shieldoseal has excellent filling properties, therefore almost any surface can be filled up. Shieldoseal cures quickly at room temperature. When fully cured, the substance remains as elastic as rubber and is homogeneously conductive. In addition, it especially distinguishes itself from other substances by a high level of heat conductivity. Shieldoseal is pasty and can be used to glue metals (copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, etc.), ceramics and most plastics. Properties for individual applications are listed in the table below.

3991 Shieldoseal comes in 130 gram plastic cartridges
Nickel graphite filled conductive 1-component sealing can be supplied with a sealant gun to easily handle the product
Shieldoseal 3991 sealant gun. Separately available upon request
ColorDark grey
Elastomer adhesiveSilicone
Filler materialNickel coated graphite
Specific gravity2.010
Hardness (Shore A)65
Tensile strength (PSI)Min. 500
Elongation (%)Min. 100
Peel strength (PPI)Min. 4.0
Lap shear (PSI)Min. 130
Lower operating temperature °CMin. -50 °C
Higher operating temperature °CMax. +175 °C
Compression deflection (%)Min. 2.5
Volume resistivity, Ohm/cmMax. .100
Shelf lifeSix months from date of manufacture

Conductive adhesive:

Metal with metal Good
Metal with RFI gasket Good
RFI gasket with RFI gasket Good
Viscosity upon delivery Viscous
Toluene solventN/cm5
Catalyst21 °CAir humidity
Resistance againstUV, ozoneYes
Storage time: plastic cartridgesWeeks2
Storage time: aluminiumWeeks8


Curing at room temperature21 °CYes
Film formation at 0,2 mm strength approx.Minutes1 – 4
Curing at 0,2 mm strength approximateMinutes5 – 20
Curing based on film strength and venting surface approximateMinutes3 – 180
Odorless No
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