Shielded Smartphone Box

Shielded smartphone box

 Shielded Smartphone Box 1940

A shielded box for smartphones, so that there is no connection with the phone


People get distracted by using their smartphones all day long. This not only distracts them, but the radiation from the phone might also cause brain cancer.

To tackle this problem we have made this shielded smartphone box. The high performance shield keeps most of the traffic away (depending on the performance level af the basestation). Once the phone is inside the box and the box is closed, this shielded smartphone box shields smartphones from logging onto an active network.

Very useful in for example schools to keep the students focused on the subject at hand. Can also be use in restaurants to enrich the dining experience.

The box is easy to use, once the phone is inside and the box is closed the signal will be blocked. This box accomodates up to 27 regular size phones.


  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Restaurants


  • Lock

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