Shielded Burka

Shielded burka

 Shielded Burka

Blocks Microwaves by 99.7%

Shielding your head just got easier. Slip this sheer and roomy burka over your head and it will provide 99.7% shielding across the frequency range 10 MHz – 3 GHz and > 94 % at 5.6 GHz. These frequencies include Wi-Fi, cordless phones, phone masts, mobile phones and even TV and radio broadcasts.

This extremely high shielding Burka is made from our patented Conductive fabric, which is a super-shielding material, double Silver-plated Nylon, providing the highest level of microwave shielding.

Quick to put on, easy to take off. One size fits all.

Shielded Burka


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