Rubber Flat Narrowband Absorbers

Rubber flat narrowband absorbers

 Rubber Flat Narrowband Absorber 5795

Rubber flat narrowband absorber is a thin flexible narrowband resonating radar absorbent.

Our rubber flat narrowband absorbers (also known as Pinpoint types, microwave absorbers) attenuate 10-20 dB at one particular frequency. These narrow band absorbers are mainly designed for UHF (300 MHz ~ 3 GHz range) and SHF (3~30 GHz) frequency range.

Rubber flat narrowband absorbers

Areas of application:

  • For radar signature management by covering the ship mast.
  • To avoid the ground reflections at open area test sites (OATS).
  • To eliminate interferences and unnecessary reflection.
  • To avoid the cross talk between transmitter and receiver antenna.


  • Frequency: 1-40 GHz
  • Material thickness: it is determined by resonant frequency (applied center frequency)
  • Temperature resistance characteristics: – 50 °C – 150 °C
  • Environment: unlimited
  • Power handing capacity: above 2 kW/sqm
  • Absorption properties: resonance point attenuation ≤-18 dB
  • Max sheet size is A4 (200 x 300 mm)


5795 series Rubber flat narrowband absorber is suitable for the occasions that require thin sheet and without broadband; when used, it shall have metal substrate, and it shall be close pasted; it is mainly applied for the reflecting of metal components inside the radar cabin, the substrate inside the radar cabin can help to suppress electromagnetic interference.


Product specification and performance:

Part numberResonant frequency
Material thickness
Unit weight
Reflectivity under
vertical incidence
These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may differ in other situation. Please read our Guarantee.
Please note: it can be customized as per request and cut in every shape according to your CAD drawing.

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