Low-frequency magnetic shielding (MuFerro™ 6800)

Material for shielding/screening low-frequency magnetic fields. These fields are present in installations where strong currents are generated or transported, Examples include transformer rooms, power lines, busbar systems, high-voltage cables etc.

Indoor transformer rooms:

The frequency of these magnetic fields is typically 50/60 Hz. The MuFerro material is suitable for magnetic shielding in frequency ranges from 10 Hz to 100 kHz

Customer benefits:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Up to 95% field-strength reduction or more
  • Flexible design
  • Measurement report
  • 10-years guarantee

MuFerro combines permeable and satiety characteristics which makes it extremely suitable for screening low-frequency magnetic fields.

Indoor transformer rooms
Transformer room doors
Magnetic field strength measurement
MuFerro 6800 wall shielding

Why use magnetic shielding/screening?
Magnetic fields pose a serious threat to human health and well being. For instance, research indicate exposure to magnetic fields of > 300nT or 0.003 Gauss significantly increases a person’s chances of developing leukemia. There are numerous other physical symptoms associated with exposure to magnetic fields, e.g. headaches, depression, and insomnia. For this reason the Health and Safety Codes in many countries recommend that working space exposure should be < 0.5 μT=500 nT and for public spaces be < 0.1 μT=100nT.

Apart from the negative impact on health, strong magnetic fields can cause interference or damage to electronics in the immediate vicinity where the field is generated. Magnetic fields also interfere with sensitive measurements in hospitals and laboratories.

Transformer room


  • Transformer rooms (indoors or outdoors)
  • Power plants
  • Aluminum melting/production
  • High-voltage labs
  • Anything that creates strong magnetic fields (high currents)

Our magnetic shielding solution can be implemented even after the transformer has been put into place. For shielding entire buildings or rooms, our shielding material is applied to walls, ceilings and/or floors. This protects both people and electronics.

Before the screening/shielding is ordered and installed, a site survey is conducted (magnetic field strength measurement). We not only measure the magnetic field strength but also locate the probable source. 

Measuring setup

Example projects

Example project 1
Due to space restrictions, a client converted a room which had formerly been used for storage into an office space. This room was located on a floor above power transformers. Powerful magnetic fields were noticed in the office space which made the computer display so our team was asked to carry out a magnetic field measurement. It was found that the magnetic field strength was 750 nano Tesla which is far above the standard referred to above.

This magnetic field was reduced by the installation of an umbrella construction of MuFerro™ 6800. Since completion of this project, the magnetic field has been reduced to a safer level of 80 nano Tesla.

MuFerro™ 6800 ceiling umbrella construction

Example project 2

Below are some images of heavier transformer shields for military and medical applications where a very high reduction was needed.

MuFerro™ 6800 Fan constructions / multi layer constructions
Measurement before installing MuFerro™ 6800 plating (750 nanotesla)
Measurement after installing MuFerro™ 6800 plating (80 nanotesla)

The clients who have engaged us to place MuFerro™ 6800 shielding include:

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