Mu-Ferro-SD Shielding Foil

Mu-Ferro-SD Shielding Foil

 Mu-Ferro Shielding Foil 6800 – SD

Magnetic shielding sheets that are thin and flexible with a high permeability


The Mu-ferro shielding foil is a magnetic shielding sheet made of a high permeable material laminated on a PET film. The sheets are easy to handle and because of the thinness of 0.12 mm the material is very flexible.

The mu-ferro shielding foil is lightweight and has superior magnetic shielding effect. The best shielding frequency can be made when the frequency gets below several 100 kHz.

When one layer of Mu-ferro foil is used it can shield 100 μT. When multiple layers of the material are used it can shield a strong magnetic field.

Having small deterioration in shielding effect by bending, cutting and punching, Mu-ferro foil can be applied on curved surface and cut or punched in various shapes.

The foil is also available in a long sheet and is suitable for large-scale magnetic shielding for example a shielded room.


  • For suppression of magnetic noise generated from inductors in electronic devices, such as personal computer, mobile phone, DVC, DSC, etc.
  • For magnetic shielding of buildings or houses close to power lines or power distribution installation.
  • For magnetic shielding of equipments that are easily affected by geomagnetic field or fluctuating magnetic field.
Cylindrical shielded box
Shielded box



TypeLong SheetSheet
Part number  
DimensionsLength100 m610 mm
Width470 mm460 mm
Thickness0.12 mm
Magnetic flux density, B800 (DC H=800A/m)1.23 T
Maximum permeability, μmax (DC)70.000
Operating temperature range-40°C +80°C

Double-sided adhesive tape is available for 610 mm × 460 mm sheet.


Shielding effect

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