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LAN Converter

 LAN Converter 8080

Robust EMP-proof Ethernet converter filter for EMI-shielded rooms and Faraday cages


EMI-shielded room and Faraday cage feedthrough with EMP protection for high-speed Ethernet / UTP communication links. Our EMP-proof Ethernet converter filter offers a shielded-room feedthrough for high-speed Ethernet / UTP communication links.

You can use your internet connection inside or outside the Faraday cage while maintaining your room attenuation. There is an electrical separation between in- and output, the optical links inside convert the data. An optical-fiber guiding light (high frequency) does not guide magnetic and electric waves. Because of the optical fiber the cable does not function as an antenna.


RF isolation input-output up to 120 dB from 9 kHz – 40 GHz exceeding MIL-STD-188-125-1 requirement, measured according to MIL-STD-220C (insertion loss input to output). EMP protection for the connections on the inside of the shielded enclosure.

  • Internal integrated power line filter (EMP proof)
  • EMP-proof (MIL-STD-188-125-1)
  • Full / Half Duplex
  • 1000 Mbit edition
  • Power supply: 24 V DC
  • Max. 200 mA
  • UTP connector type: RJ45
  • Power connection: CA 3 LD and CA 3 GS male connection on device
  • Point 1: + Point 2: –

Technical drawing:

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