Electrically Conductive Glue (Shieldokit)

Electrically Conductive Glue (Shieldokit)

 Electrically conductive adhesive (Shieldokit) 
Electrically conductive glue/adhesive. Shieldokit creates an electrically and thermally conductive connection between components.

Shieldokit creates an electrically and thermally conductive connection between components (electrically conductive adhesive). One of the applications is EMI shielding. The conductive glue cures at room temperature and has excellent filling properties. The viscosity is comparable to peanut butter so it can be used to fill uneven surfaces.

The product consists of a two-component epoxy-based glue containing 80% silver. It is a paste and can be applied to metals (copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, etc.), ceramics and most plastics.


Shieldokit is a solvent-free, silver pigmented adhesive, based on a two-component epoxy resin.

Special characteristics:

The kit creates a strong connection with excellent conductivity. It is designed to connect temperature-sensitive components.


Shieldokit is designed to connect parts at temperatures between 20 °C and 80 °C. The adhesive can be applied with a dispenser or by screen printing. Tools have to be cleaned immediately after use.


  • Gluing components that cannot be soldered
  • Connections that require excellent electrical conductivity
  • Connections that have to be thermally conductive
  • Repairing non-solderable components
  • Gluing objects to a plastic enclosure where an electrically conductive linkage is needed
  • Restoration of flat cables, SMD components, etc.


Shieldokit is supplied in small containers of 30 grams of glue (component A) and a syringe filled with hardener (component B). Optional bigger packages are available on request. For more details see our technical datasheet.


Component A

At temperatures below 25 °C the product can be stored up to 2 years in its original sealed packaging.

Component B

Hardener can be stored between 5 °C and 40 °C.

Specifications / Technical data:

Silver content% by weight80%
Viscosity (D = 25s-1)mPas20.000 – 30.000
Mixing ratio
Shieldokit conductive glue (component A)
and hardener (component B)
 50 : 1
Drying recommendations
(depends on parameters like layer thickness, application and drying process)
Surface resistance of the layer at 80 °C
(depends on parameters like layer thickness, application and drying process)
mΩ/cm²< 100
Temperature stability
of separate components
°C– 40 to + 150
Hardener Shieldokit hardener (component B)


21 °C30 hours
50 °C3 hours
80 °C2 hours
100 °C1 hour
200 °C10 min

Shieldokit 3980, packaging

3980 – Electrically conductive glue, mixing of the two components (Conductive glue component A & hardener component B).

Electrically and thermally conductive connection between heat-sensitive components that cannot be soldered

Electrically conductive connection between a conductive window and a plastic enclosure, ensuring full EMI-shielding integrity

The glue can be used for creating a conductive edge for convenient mounting

Restoration of contact points on ribbon cables

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