Double EMI Shielded Housing

Double EMI Shielded Housings

 Double Layered EMI Shielded Housings 1950

High performance double-layer shielded enclosures, produced in any shape or size


These electronic enclosures are designed for applications requiring EMI/RFI shielding. The double walls provide excellent shielding performance in the range of 1 MHz – 20 GHz. The body is made of two sheets of 0.3 mm Amucor with a solid polyethylene core. Excellent attenuation is not the only feature of these EMC shielded enclosures. They also look quite attractive thanks to the brushed metal and anti-fingerprint coating. For enclosure with sides longer than 600 mm we make these housings or cabinets in a version that is 6 mm thick, so the walls have sufficient stiffness.


  • Recessed areas can be provided for connectors, displays and switches
  • The enclosures can be produced with your logo
  • Version with hinged lid
  • With vents or Honeycomb ventilation panel depending on the desired attenuation and the need for cooling

Flammability characteristics

  • Self extinguishing
  • UL 94V-0
  • Class 1 or Class A fire rating (ASTM E-84)


  • High EMI shielding performance
  • Construction provides strength and rigidity for heavy duty applications
  • These EMI shielding enclosures look very nice and are fingerprint proof
  • Can be delivered in any size and according to your drawing
  • Over 18,000 models in stock so the appropriate version for your application is always be available
  • Low weight construction due to the high performance Amucor shield sandwich construction
  • Also suitable for prototyping and small series (up to 1.000 pcs)
  • Easily machined and modified to your particular requirements
  • Superior surface
  • Provides excellent durability in outdoor applications
  • Approximately one half the weight of full metal EMI shielded housings on the market

Technical specifications

Wall thickness of the material3 mm (thicker on request)
Temperature resistance-50 °C to +80 °C
Housing with an EMI shielding window for display and a switch. The bottom (cover) is provided with an EMI shielding gasket
Housing with a lid and connector.
Recesses provided in the housing for EMI filters
Recesses provided in the housing for EMI filters

Standard sizes

Rectangular EMI-shielding housings (height 5 to 50 mm)

Length A (mm)Width B (mm)Height C (mm)

Square EMI-shielding housings (height 5 to 50 mm)

Length A (mm)Width B (mm)Height C (mm)

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