Conductive Epoxy Adhesive

Conductive Epoxy Adhesive

 Conductive epoxy adhesive 3985 

An electrically conductive two part epoxy adhesive. Once cured it adheres strongly to a wide range of substrates.

3985 series Conductive epoxy adhesive is a two component electrically conductive adhesive comprising of a modified epoxy resin filled with conductive silver particles. It cures on mixing at room temperature to form an electrically conductive structural adhesive. Once cured it adheres strongly to a wide range of substrates

This high temperature electrically conductive epoxy product can be used as a solder where heat cannot be tolerated, since it cures at room temperature. It is efficient, economical epoxy useful for printed circuit repair, connecting dissimilar metals and for other connection and shielding issues.

Conductive epoxy adhesive


  • Very high bond strength
  • Flexible (the degree of flexibility is variable by adjusting mix ratio)
  • Extremely resistant to fracture
  • Suitable for joining materials with dissimilar thermal coefficients of expansion
  • Room temperature cure
  • Compatible with most common substrates – non tarnishing / discolouring
  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • Wide service temperature range – retains strength and conductivity at extremes of temperature
  • Stable – low bond (joint) resistance through temperature cycling


  • Structural adhesive – can be used to permanently bond metal assemblies, EMI windows etc
  • Electrical connection of components avoiding the used of mechanical fixings or solder
  • EMI shielding with environmental sealing
  • ESD control/grounding
  • To be used as a solder where heat cannot be tolerated

Uncured properties:

Form (both components)Semi-viscous paste
Cure time at 23 °C24 hours
Recommended minimum time before stressing bond (23 °C)48 hours

Cured properties:

Density3.0 gcm-3
Adhesion – lap shear (aluminum to aluminum)850 Ncm-2
Service temperature range-50 °C* to 200 °C
Bond resistance (aluminum to aluminum)<10mΩ cm-2
Thermal conductivity4.8 Wm-1K-1
Recommended bond thickness<0.25mm

* Dependent on mix ratio and application


3985 series Conductive epoxy adhesive can be supplied in either 4 ml or 10 ml double syringe packs. The material is automatically dispensed in the correct 50:50 ratio. Alternatively, this material can be supplied in separate syringe barrels where variable mix ratios are to be used.

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