Anti-Static Bench Mats

Anti-Static Bench Mats

Anti-static bench mats 4990

Double layer rubber table mat with excellent grounding properties, available in different colours and in complete rolls or pre-cut

Physical properties

  • Elongation: 320%
  • Hardness: 72 Shore A
  • Density: 1.4
  • Tensile strength: 117 kg/cm²
  • Thickness: 2.0 mm
  • Heat resistance: No soldering resistance

Electrical properties

  • Resistant to ground: < 3.5 x 107 Ω
  • Surface resistance: ≤ 1.0 x 108 Ω
  • Compliant to: IEC 61340-5-1

Part Number

Part NumberDimensionsShapeColour
4990-GR10.61m x 10mComplete rollGreen
4990-GR21.00m x 10mComplete rollGreen
4990-GY10.61m x 10mComplete rollGrey
4990-GY21.00m x 10mComplete rollGrey
4990-B10.61m x 10mComplete rollBlue
4990-B21.00m x 10mComplete rollBlue

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