Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil

 Aluminium Foil

Specially developed for Aluminium housings and frames to prevent galvanic corrosion

Specially developed for Aluminum housings and frames to prevent galvanic corrosion. Other applications ranges from printed circuit boards to temperature resistance, Aluminum foil is an EMI-shielding material that is highly compatible with various project needs.


  • Electrical connection between surfaces (sheets/foils)
  • Die-cuts (according supplied CAD drawing)
  • Shielding in housings
  • Shielding cables
  • Temporary shielding during tests

Aluminum foil for EMI shielding of Aluminum housings

Aluminum foil application in a Faraday cage

Standard part numbers
Foil nameThickness
Max. width (mm)Part numbers
FoilFoil with insulation layer
(UL94V-0) 0.15 mm (white)
Foil with insulation layer
(UL94V-0) 0.22 mm

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