Aluminum Honeycomb Fan Shield with Threaded Holes

Aluminum Honeycomb Fan Shield with Threaded Holes

 Aluminum honeycomb fan shield with threaded holes 9535

Honeycomb fan shield ventilation panel designed for easy installation in e.g. computer cases to provide EMI shielding and maximum airflow without degrading the fan output.

This product comes in the range of low-cost EMC vents for use with standard fan size fans. The aluminum honeycomb fan shield 9535 series and is designed to provide EMI shielding and maximum airflow without degrading the fan output.

These vents provide a low-cost option to perforated metal when airflow rates are critical. The aluminum frame is fitted with one layer of 6.35, 12.7 or 25.3 mm thick honeycomb material and an optional Amucor conductive gasket to ground the honeycomb to the metalwork.

The Aluminum Honeycomb Fan Shield is readily available in most sizes corresponding to industry-standard fans with standard 4-hole mounting (See table below for the standard sizes).

Dust screen (on request)

Dust screens consisting of multilayer expanded aluminum can be added, but airflow will be restricted.

Shielding performance:

Shielding performance is achieved from 1/8 cell aluminum honeycomb panels with compressed edges mounted in a square-shaped flat Mu-ferro plate with a circular cut-out on the inside. Contact with the housing is made with an Amucor shielding gasket cut into the shape of the Honeycomb fan shield.

Performance below has been measured with honeycomb specifications 1/8 Cell size, 1/4 Thick.


FrequencyFieldTypical (dB)
200 kHzH53
100 MHzE102
500 MHzP85
2 GHzP74
10 GHzP58

Standard dimensions:

In the table below some common types are specified to illustrate the required information. Threaded hole diameter is standard M3 but it can also be delivered in any other size.

Material thickness:

Part numberOuter dimensionMounting holes horizontalMounting holes vertical
(Optional) other sizes on request

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