Flexible Cable Shield

Flexible cable shield

 Flexible cable shield 4700R

Flexible cable shield for EMI shielding of flexible cables. Branches are easy to realize.

Flexible cable shield for EMI shielding of cables

Flexible cable shield is suitable for EMI-shielding applications where flexibility is required, for example when cables have small diameters. The material guarantees superb EMI shielding performance. The product is supplied on rolls and can be wrapped around the cables. Flexible cable shield is available in Amucor or in conductive fabric, with or without (conductive) self-adhesive.

Part numbers

  • 4701R : Reïnforced Amucor foil
  • 4702R : Reïnforced Amucor foil with self-adhesive
  • 4711R : Conductive fabric
  • 4712R : Conductive fabric with self-adhesive
  • 4713R : Conductive fabric with conductive self-adhesive


  • Highly flexible
  • High EMI-shielding performance
  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy to cut
  • Useful in a broad range of temperatures and environments

Standard widths

8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 26, 32, 50, or 100 mm.

Standard roll lengths

10, 25, 50 meters
(On request: roll lengths of 1 to 1000 meters.)

Flexible cable shield wrapped around flexible cables, branching as required
Flexible cable shield is also easy to mount on ribbon cables, without affecting the cables’ flexibility
Part number 4713R: Conductive fabric with conductive self-adhesive



Shielding performance of Flexible cable shield

ModeAttenuation dB
Conductive fabric
Attenuation dB
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In other situations results may differ; please read our Guarantee.

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