Jammer Shielding

Jammer Shielding

Signal jammer shielding for cars

To protect the people inside the car from electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies

A signal-jammer car has to be shielded to protect the people inside it from the powerful electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies that are emitted by the jammers on the car’s roof.

We are specialized in electromagnetic shielding of signal jammer cars. These shields are available for any model and type of car and can be custom made according to your wishes.

Such shields are also used by people who are allergic to electromagnetic radiation or to prevent the computer and telecommunications from being intercepted.



  • Computer and cell-phone forensics
  • Military field or Diplomatic use
  • Radar-jammer protection
  • Electromagnetic allergy / electro-smog
Shielding performance shielded car
🟥Common car shielding

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; Please read our Guarantee.



Easy to fit transparent shield

Especially for military and embassy applications we have developed a easy to fit transparent window.

This window, which is equipped with a very fine electrically conductive mesh, protects the driver of the vehicle from the many different fields and frequencies spread from the antennas on the roof of the car.

Mounting the shield for signal-jammer cars is achieved easily, by means of suction cups to the windows. Our shields can be  customized for the make and model of your vehicle.

Request a quote:

If you would like to request a quote for a car shielding, please send us the model and type of car you want to shield. 

Light transmission:

Opacity of mesh windows is 64,5%. A lack of available light should not be a concern, since an average pair of sunglasses allows less than 9% light to come through.

Outside windscreen
Inside of shielded side window



Full compartment car shielding


To shield your car from the inside there is also an option to place a frame at the inside of the car. This option makes it possible that no radiation gets in or out of the car.

Our conductive textile will be clamped into the frame of your vehicle, the car seat, roof and dashboard of the car for optimal shielding performance to prevent radiation to get into the car.

Our transparent mesh will be placed at the front window to keep optimal view on the road. The mesh windows will be placed at the sides. The tent also blocks RF & microwave interference and/or emissions.


  • Customizable frame for easy installation
  • Transparent mesh windows for good visibility
  • Blocks microwave interference and/or emissions

Please note: the top layer of the shielding foil can be affected by acids, for example from the skin. To protect the conductive layer, you can apply a transparent film or use the adhesive side on top. Small optical defects are allowed in this product. If you require a product that is absolutely free from optical defects, feel free to contact us for the “superior selected quality”. Please note that due to the extreme caution needed to manufacture these products, they can be several times more expensive.