Conductive Rubber PCB Shielding Gasket

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Conductive Rubber PCB Shielding Gasket

Conductive Rubber PCB Shielding Gasket 1560

Surface Mountable Technology (SMT) compatible electric elastomer connector on PCB level

1560 series is Surface Mountable Technology (SMT) compatible electric elastomer connector. The shielding gasket has good elastic recovery and electric property, so it offers not only cushion, but also electrical connecting and grounding between electrical objects and PCB. The 1560 series consist of a conductive coating layer on an elastomer tube and a solderable metal foil under the tube. So it has good electrical conductivity and better soldering strength.


Standard part numbers

Part numberDimensions (mm)
* Other sizes are available on request.
Any length is acceptable.



Product Type1560 series
Colour of Conductive Coating LayerBlack
Width2.0mm ~
Height0.8mm ~
Compression ratioTypical 10% ~ 40% compression of original height
Operation temperature-35 °C ~ 160 °C 
ResistanceVerticalTypical 0.05 Ω
SurfaceTypical 0.05 Ω/
Soldering strengthLength directionNot easy to detach &
removal due to flexibility & shove
Typical 150 gf for 1560-2.0-1.1-1.0
Width directionTypical 200 gf for 1560-2.0-1.1-1.0
Elastomer HardnessShore A 50
Recovery rate
(30%×10.000 times)
Typical 93 %
Abrasion TestNo metal dust after rubbing with PP tape (2 kg Roller / 10 cycles)
Thermal ShockChange ratio of resistance & elasticity is lower than 10% (-40 °C × 0.5 hr ↔ 85 °C × 0.5 hr × 100 cycles)
High Temperature/HumidityChange ratio of resistance & elasticity is lower than 10% (85 °C / 85% RH / 100 hrs)
Salt SprayNo changing of color and electric resistance (KS D 9502, 5% NaCl, 35 °C / 48 hrs)
FlammabilityClassified by UL to UL 94 V-1
EnvironmentHalogen Free, EU-RoHS Compliant, Lead Free
Solder Pattern
(Separated Pattern)
 We recommend a non-separated
solder pattern and the 100 µm
thickness of solder cream
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In other situations results may differ. Please read our Guarantee.

Main characteristics

  • Low electric resistance
  • Passes most salt spray and environmental tests
  • Good resilient & recovery property. Easy to apply SMT and repair.
  • Strong soldering strength and not easy to detach on PCB



  • Smart phone
  • Mobile device
  • Tablet
  • PC
  • LCD Panel, navigation for electric connecting and grounding.


Notice: 1560 series PCB shielding gaskets should be compressed (about 0.2~0.3 mm) on the solder cream at the place-process of SMT.


Optional on request

The 1560 gasket is standard delivered with one hole. Optional is a version with two holes in the gasket. The product may have two holes at core for better recovery but it can be stiff / harder and less easy to compress.


Structure & features


Recommended re-flow soldering condition for SN plating

Condition of Re-flow soldering (Recommended)
ZoneTemperature (deg. °C)Time (sec)
ART ~ 13060
BMax. 22090 ~ 150
C220 ~ 250 (max. 250)90 ~ 150
D220 ~ RTMin. 60



Alternatives for PCB shielding gaskets are PCB contact fingers 2900 series which you can find on the following page. PCB fingers are made of metal and therefore have better conductivity and are therefore suitable for applications where high currents flow. These PCB contact fingers come in many shapes and sizes.

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