Compartment Shielded Foam for PCBs

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Compartment Shielded Foam for PCBs

Compartment Shielded Foam for PCB’s 1800

Developed to shield only a part of the printed circuit board

Compartment shield foam is a highly conductive foil laminated with a high-deflection, low closure-force foam layer. The housing itself is used to close the separations on the PCB. The high-deflection, low closure-force foam is also available combined with conductive fabrics or non-wovens. Please note that the compartment shield must make contact to ground.

Electromagnetic (EM) radiation can prevent a device from functioning correctly. This is called electromagnetic interference (EMI). Compartment shield 1800 series for PCB’s was developed to shield only a part of the printed circuit board (PCB) from electromagnetic radiation at the source, rather than shielding all of the components or the entire housing/enclosure of the device against electromagnetic radiation.

Compartment shielding foam is available in the materials PU foam and neoprene foam with amucor foil or conductive textile. Whether it is for a small number of prototypes or large production, we will be happy to produce the precision components that you require.

Part numbers

Foam thicknessPU foam (max. 80 % compression)
+ Amucor foil
PU foam (max. 80 % compression)
+ Conductive textile
Neoprene foam (max. 50 % compression) + Amucor foilNeoprene foam (max. 50 % compression) + Conductive textile
3 mm1800-1-31800-2-31800-3-31800-4-3
4 mm1800-1-41800-2-41800-3-41800-4-4
5 mm1800-1-51800-2-51800-3-51800-4-5
6 mm1800-1-61800-2-61800-3-61800-4-6
8 mm1800-1-81800-2-81800-3-81800-4-8
10 mm1800-1-101800-2-101800-3-101800-4-10
15 mm1800-1-151800-2-151800-3-151800-4-15

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