PU Foam Based Hybrid Absorbers

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PU Foam Based Hybrid Absorbers

PU foam based Hybrid absorbers for EMC anechoic chamber 3660

Almost has the same performance in low frequency as the pyramid absorbers (with tips); but its performance in high frequency might be slightly declined

The 3660 series PU foam based Hybrid absorbers product is similar to our standard pyramid absorbers, but the tips of the pyramids have been truncated. This saves space in small chambers and provides a more rugged product, eliminating the possibility of tip breakage.

PU foam based Hybrid absorber is used in an appropriate combination in a EMC anechoic chamber. It is an ideal absorber treatment for Immunity Test Chambers (EN 1000-4-3 and equivalent specifications).

Removing 20% from the tips of pyramid absorbers (low carbon), leads to Truncated absorbers (without tips), which have almost the same performance in low frequency as the pyramid absorbers (with tips); but its performance in high frequency may slightly decline. The advantage of such absorbers is leaving a larger net space, eliminating drooping of the tips, and it has a stronger resistance capability against mechanical damage.


  • It has a truncated appearance (some customers might want to keep the tips);
  • It has blue color (more color for optional), it is pliable and flexible.
  • Working condition:
    • Long-time working temperature: -50 °C ~ 80 °C
    • Relative humidity: 55% ± 15%
  • It must be matched with ferrite tiles, to get a better broadband performance during 30 MHz – 18 GHz
  • There is a matching design between ferrite tiles layer and absorbers layer to further develop the bandwidth.
  • Oxygen index ≥ 29% (GB/T2406-93), which belongs to flame retardant B2 level (GB8624-1997)
  • Good environmental performance, all raw materials can meet the environmental requirements, not volatile, no smell and non-toxic.
  • Installation method: it generally uses fasteners or Velcro installation, which would facilitate the replacement of absorbers and the relocation of chambers. For small anechoic chambers, absorbers can be directly pasted by an environmental protective adhesive.

Schematic diagram of PU foam based EMC absorbers

Schematic diagram of 3660 series EMC hybrid absorbers
3660-300 (300 mm height PU foam based hybrid absorbers)



Product specification and part numbers

Part numberBase size
(mm x mm)
Pyramid quantity
per unit
Unit size A x C x B
(mm x mm x mm)
Standard weight
3660-P-190600 x 60081190 x 65 x 504
3660-P-30036300 x 100 x 607
3660-P-49516495 x 145 x 6511
3660-P-7009700 × 195 × 13016
3660-T-30516305 × 145 × 729
3660-T-5009495 × 195 × 11010
3660-T-7004710 × 295 × 10014
3660-P-1000300 x 30011000 × 300 × 15022
3660-T-1000600 x 60011000 × 300 × 18528



Reflection loss / Shielding performance

Part numberReflection loss under vertical incidence (-dB @ GHz)Power handling capacity
These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may differ in other situation. Please read our Guarantee.

Please note:

  • The 500 MHz data was  obtained by low-frequency coaxial test method (GJB5239-2004); while for the 1 GHz data was obtained by far-field RCS test method (GJB2038A-2011)
  • The performance data listed in the above table is the guaranteed data, and the measured data is equal to or better than the guaranteed data.
  • The bold part number is a stock item and can be delivered immediately
  • Certification: CE RoHS

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