Every wheel on a vehicle is made with a well. This makes it possible to fit the tyre to the wheel. When a tyre deflates air pressure can no longer hold the bead in its correct place on the wheel. The bead becomes free to move into the well and steering control is lost. High-speed blowout can be fatal as the driver is likely to lose control of the vehicle in motion. 

The TYRON Multiband is attached on the wheel after the tyre has been fitted and inflated so it prevents the bead of the tyre from slipping into the well of the wheel. Stability is significantly increased in the event of a tyre emergency enabling the driver retain vehicle control, braking, and cornering.

The TYRON R4, R7 and ATR product range is made from rubber not composite. Rubber offers the vehicle practical benefits which includes absorbing shock from impingement caused by curb strikes, potholes, and operating in hostile environments. Rubber drastically reduces vibration and stress transmitted through the runflat to the wheels, axles, and drive shaft. Rubber minimizes damage to inner liner, body plies and or bead areas of the tyre that can occur in runflats made of rigid materials like composites or plastics. Rigid materials have high risk of damage eventually leading to the splitting, blistering, bulging and or separation of the tyre’s structural plies causing pressure inflation loss or tyre failure.

The TYRON System designs were developed from extensive research, discussions with end users, vehicle OEMs and testing. 


“The advantages of rubber runflat solutions translates into a clearly-defined advantage on the modern battlefield, where the threat to armored vehicles by IEDs and similar continues to be significant, ” commented Peter Simon, Director at Tyron. “That advantage is simple – TYRON technology keeps vehicles moving beyond defined military standards of 50km, preferably 75km with two or more tyres deflated and a minimum of two hours off-road negotiating hills and obstacles like curb strikes. In other words, we get vehicles and their crew back to base.” 

Tyron Multi Band – the low cost short distance runflat system. Approved by NATO and used by the MOD.

Tyron R4 – Double beadlock wheel runflat system for 4 x 4 and armored vehicles.

Tyron ATR and bolt-together 20” alloy wheels for military vehicles.

Tyron R7 – Bolt together wheel with two-piece rubber runflat.