TYRON Runflat System was originally invented in 1977 and consisted of a special Aluminum wheel and Aluminum band. Further development continued and by  request in 1980’s from the British Ministry of Defense (MoD), TYRON developed a range of steel bands for Land Rover vehicles. The new development was stronger than the aluminum band and solved the problem of catalytic reaction between two different metals where the aluminum bands were prone to welding onto the steel wheels preventing the removal of tyres when they needed to be changed.

In 2002 TYRON re-designed and patented the still in operation TYRON Multiband system by incorporating an adjustable “plug- in” feet so the system can accommodate the different designs in wheel rim wells. The handling performance of vehicles installed with the new Multiband system improved due to the ‘plug in’ feet that created an extra ‘grip’ between the TYRON Multiband and the wheel. The system works so well it outperformed all other tyre safety systems on the market.


In 2008 TYRON invented the world’s first multi-piece All Terrain Rubber (ATR) Runflat system. This ingenious design allows a fitter to install the system without special tools or expensive hydraulic presses for military standard split rims. TYRON ATR guarantees excellent off-road and on-road capabilities with runflat capability of 150 km or more. The system by far exceeds the Finabel Standard.


In 2009 TYRON developed the R4 wheel for armored vehicles and special purpose vehicles. This super strong alloy wheel, with a load rating of 1600kgs, incorporates an ingenious beadlock design. When fitted with our ATR-MP they allow you to travel on or off road for over 50 km with all 4 tires deflated at speeds permitted by the terrain.

In 2013 TYRON entered into a partnership with Global Wheels of South Africa. The partnership provided TYRON capacity to provide military and special vehicle customers complete wheel assemblies and tyres including Michelin, Pirelli and Continental tyres as a one stop shopping advantage.


Weight is a major concern for military vehicles particularly in the area of sprung mass. In 2017 TYRON developed the state of the art Carbon Fiber ATR system. This unique system is 40% lighter than conventional rubber runflats. It is the lightest Rubber Runflat in the world.

In 2018 TYRON introduced the ATR-Beadlock system made of rubber. The advantage of this system is the ability to fix on any wheel rim assembly with clamping force regardless of the tire make. 


In 2019 TYRON introduced the ATR-SP a low lost single piece rubber runflat which has been the industry standard for many years.

In 2019 TYRON introduced the TYRON ATR-Custom – the ultimate two and three piece steel reinforced rubber Runflat system for a single piece wheel. Recent experiments at the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) have shown that runflat inserts currently used on HMMWVS in Iraq last for only 12.7Km/hour. TYRON ATR will perform at min speeds at 50Km/hour for 50Km On-Road or Off-Road for 50Km at speeds permitted by the terrain.   


TYRON continues to expand in runflat technology for vehicle wheel safety and security and offers support through extensive sales and service network.

TYRON is with you everyday and always ready to protect your life when your tyre(s) fail while on the move.