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Runflat R4-R7

Runflat R4-R7

By every possible means a VIP vehicle must keep moving and get its occupants out of danger and to safety.

The R4 and R7 is designed for armored vehicles, non-combat security vehicles and other special purpose vehicles. The system comes complete with super strong alloy wheels with a load rating of 1600Kg and incorporates a beadlock design. The R4 and R7 is the world’s ONLY Bulletproof, multipiece rubber with steel reinforcement runflat. 



  • Double beadlock that outperforms every known runflat system on the market.
  • Designed to withstand ballistic attacks
  • No moving parts so will not affect balancing and alignment,
  • Maintenance free so once fitted it remains there ready to protect your life in an emergency.
  • One-term investment – you can reuse in case you change your tires.
  • Minimum 50Km guarantee with 2 flat tires which exceeds FINABEL Standard

Finabel Standard: 30 miles (48.28Km) with 2 flat tyres.
R4 exceeded Finabel Standard with ALL 4 Tyres Flat !!


R4 and R7 are leaders in multi-piece rubber with steel reinforcement technology and outperforms all other bulletproof runflat systems on the market.