Emergency Vehicle

Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigades require operational maneuverability and capacity for public safety. They can be exposed to tyre deflation from objects on the road as they are constantly patrolling the roads or speeding to a destination to apprehend an offender or save lives. This means the ability to safely drive at high speed and maintain control during a pursuit or an emergency is absolutely necessary. This is exactly what TYRON Multiband System is designed for and guaranteed to offer. 

The TYRON Multiband is lightweight and designed for Police vehicles, Ambulance, Fire Brigades and other Emergency vehicles. It is bolted on the wheel and there are no moving parts so it does not affect the vehicle alignment and balancing. The Multiband is maintenance free so once fitted it will remain there and ready to keep your vehicle moving in the event of a tyre blowout or puncture. 

Designed with user convenience in mind the system allows the changing of tyres with very simple equipment. 

The purchase of a Multiband is a one time investment so can be reused in case you change your tyres. 



Every wheel on a vehicle is made with a well and makes possible to fit the tyre to the wheel. When a tyre deflates air pressure no longer holds the bead in its correct place on the wheel. The bead becomes free to move into the well and steering control is lost. High-speed blowout can be fatal as the driver is likely to lose control of the vehicle. 

The photo on the left shows the failure during a blowout or puncture. The photo on the right shows the Multiband preventing the tyre from slipping into the wheel well during a blowout or puncture. Stability is increased in the event of a tyre blowout or puncture  and enables the driver to safely retain vehicle control, braking, and cornering.