Runflat ATR

Military vehicles are designed and manufactured to operation standard, not price ! These vehicles operate in hostile environments so mobility is crucial for every mission. A vehicle runflat system must guarantee beadlock, absorb impact on-road or off-road, take ballistic attack and complete the MISSION. This is exactly what TYRON ATR Systems guarantees to offer.

  • TYRON ATR secures tyre against wheel, guarantees beadlock, absorb impact, and take ballistic attack On-road or Off-road.
  • There is no moving parts so balancing and alignment is not affected.  
  • The system is maintenance free so once fitted it will remain there to protect the vehicle in an emergency.
  • Designed for the mission and guarantees 50Km min distance without the tyre slipping on the wheel. 
  • * Our system rivals composite runflat system which guarantees 50Km max.
  • TYRON ATR is a one term investment so you can reuse the system again when you change your tyres.
  • The TYRON ATR System is designed with convenience as it allows changing of tyre without special equipment nor hydraulic press.
  • Designed to install on all Military Combat vehicles, Off-road and On-road Heavy-duty trucks.

TYRON has a range of 16, 17 and 18 inch heavy duty Aluminum wheels (R4). Also covert heavy duty bolt together steel wheels (R7) with ATR runflats.

Available is a range for 20″ wheels and runflats for use with tyre sizes 335/80R20, 365/80R20, 365/85R20, 395/85R20 and 10R20, 11R20, 12R20, 12.5R20, 14R20 and 16R20.

The standard ATR runflats are designed to carry the maximum capacity of the tyre.

These vehicles are produced in a large range of variants and in some cases the choice of tyre may not be for its carrying capacity but to increase ground clearance or improve the tyre footprint at low pressure.

For these type of projects, TYRON can offer lighter ‘bespoke’ ATR runflat systems.

TYRON is in partnership with Global Wheels in South Africa, Michelin, Pirelli and Continental tyres UK. The partnership enables us to supply complete wheel and tyre assemblies.

We can offer 2-piece bolt together wheels from 16” to 22.5” in steel and aluminum with capacity to carry loads of 1,600Kg – 5,800Kg per wheel.

Tire spinning due to a flat tire

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Bulletproof Performance of ATR

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