Security and VIP Vehicle

By nature of function Security and VIP vehicles are designed to keep moving and deliver their occupants to safety. These vehicles usually must look no different to regular vehicles. The tyres, wheels and brakes must be able to withstand the extra weight that comes from the armoring and other elements of the vehicle which usually is increased in comparison to a standard vehicle. That is exactly what TYRON Systems are designed to offer.

In the event of a puncture or blow-out the TYRON Multiband guarantees the bead of the tyre will not move into the wheel well thus allowing the driver to retain control of the vehicle and reduce risk of accident or personal injury. The TYRON System will allow the driver continue driving to a safer place to change the wheel or seek assistance.

                                    Lightweight so the system does not affect fuel consumption, acceleration and braking. There are no moving parts it does not affect                                                    balancing and alignment. The Multiband is maintenance free, once fitted and can be reused when you change tyres.

      The Multipart All Terrain Rubber Runflat (ATR)

TYRON has developed and patented a multi part rubber runflat suitable for fitting to a wide range of Military, Security and VIP vehicles. Rubber offers the vehicle practical benefits which includes absorbing shock from impingement caused by curb strikes, potholes, and operating in hostile environment. Rubber drastically reduces vibration and stress transmitted through the runflat to the wheels, axles, and drive shaft. Rubber minimizes damages to inner liner, body plies and or bead areas of the tyre that can occur in runflats made of rigid materials like composites or plastics. Rigid materials have high risk of damage eventually leading to the splitting, bulging or separation of the tyre’s structural plies causing pressure inflation loss or tyre failure.  

The patented multi part design allows a fitter to change a tyre without special tools nor a hydraulic press.

TYRON rubber ATR incorporates a beadlock which guarantees the wheel will not rotate and slip inside the tyre. This allows the vehicle to continue on its mission and safety get to its destination during a tyre emergency. This is not possible with plastic composite materials.

TYRON has developed a lubrication system to further improve the performance of the ATR System.

Friction Shield is a sealed lubrication system which spills after a sudden tyre deflation and provides the right amount of lubricant to reduce the heat generated from friction between the runflat and the inside of the tyre itself. Friction Shield is an ingenious design that enables the vehicle to keep moving for long distances and at speeds.

TYRON is in partnership with Global Wheels in South Africa and Michelin, Pirelli and Continental tyres in the UK. The partnership enables us to supply complete tyre assemblies.

We can offer 2-piece bolt together wheels from 16” to 22.5” in steel and aluminum with capacity to carry loads from 1600kg – 5,800kg per wheel.