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What happens when you get a flat tyre?

Every wheel on a vehicle has a well. This makes it possible to fit the tyre to the wheel. When a tyre deflates air pressure can no longer hold the bead in its correct place on the wheel. The bead becomes free to move into the well and steering control is lost. 

TYRON offers complete Runflat Solutions for cars, vans, trucks, cash-in-transit vehicles, emergency vehicles, VIP vehicles, armored vehicles etc. Our solution allows you to drive safely with one or all tyres flat.

Whatever your requirement, TYRON offers the Best Protection Possible.

Tyron Multi Band – the low cost short distance runflat system. Approved by NATO and used by the MOD.

Tyron R4 – Double beadlock wheel and runflat system for 4 x 4 and armoured vehicles.

Tyron ATR and bolt-together 20” alloy wheels for military vehicles.

Tyron R7 – Bolt together wheel with two-piece rubber runflat.