M-25 is used for a wide variety of applications requiring contamination control in industrial facilities. It is also used to control contamination on soil and surfaces that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

During the process of Deactivation & Decommissioning (D&D) M-25 is applied to contaminated surfaces and to protect clean surface from becoming contaminated. The photos and documents below demonstrates the use of M-25 for Low Level Waste (LLW) containment to protect the floor from airborne contamination prior to building demolition. The coating ensured that the sanitary waste remained contained and segregated from the contaminated floor. Contaminated areas that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions can be controlled for long periods using M-25 polyurea. 

When applied over geotextile fabric, M-25 will provide a hard, water-proof “soil cap” that lasts for many years. M-25 is used to restore the structural integrity of compromised waste packages, such as Sea Lands, Intermodals and other waste containers.

M-25 is supplied in kits consisting of one 55-gallon drum of isocyanate “Part A” and one 55-gallon drum of resin “Part B”. The InstaCote turnkey solution provides a service unmatched in the industry. 

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