Radioactive contamination can be generated by a wide range of activities in hospitals, laboratories, nuclear power plants and mineral processing facilities. CC Wet is a water-based wetting agent used to stabilize radiological, beryllium, asbestos and other hazardous contamination. It is a fixative used as a first step in a two-step approach to fix contamination on surfaces. 

The application of this wetting agent aids in capturing contamination in crevices and pores found in ducts, areas behind equipment, overhead pipes and other inaccessible areas typically found in a contaminated facility. Application of a fixative on unstabilized surfaces will re-suspend loose contamination and cause airborne issues. When CC Fix is sprayed over CC Wet the loose contamination is re-hydrated and absorbed into the matrix of the fix. The result of this process is a hard surface coating that controls the contamination. Application of CC Wet and CC Fix prevents the re-suspension of contamination and airborne pollution issues from happening. 

CC Wet and CC Strip formulations are sold as ready-to-use products. We can offer CC Wet and CC Fix, application equipment and training to contractors involved in demolition and remediation of contaminated facilities. This solution has been used at several DoE sites and is leading the way in size reduction.   

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