Radioactive contamination can be generated by a wide range of activities in hospitals, laboratories, nuclear plants and mineral processing facilities. CC Strip is a water-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous wetting agent used for removing loose radiological, beryllium, or other hazardous contamination on surfaces. It is a fixative used as a final step in a two-step approach to remove contamination.

The application of CC Strip aids in capturing and removal of contamination found in ducts, on equipment, floors, overhead pipes, and other inaccessible areas typically found in a contaminated facility. The application of a strip coat alone creates a blanket-like coating that does not encapsulate or penetrate the crevices and pores on surfaces. When CC Strip is applied after CC Wet the matrix of the coating will penetrate and capture the contamination in hard to reach areas and surfaces. A 24 hour period is recommended to ensure the product is fully cured under the worse case environment conditions (high humidity, low temp, no ventilation). 

The result of this process is a rehydrated and strippable surface coating that is highly elastic and allows a controlled process of excellent removal of the contamination. 

CC Strip and CC Wet formulations are sold as ready-to-use products. We can offer CC Strip and CC Wet, application equipment and training to contractors involved in demolition and remediation of contaminated facilities. This solution has been used at several DOE sites on highly contaminated surfaces. 

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