CC PS 413 is a two-part polyurea that is pumped into contaminated piping systems. The product can be delivered to fill pipes at distances to stabilize and reduce the potential for airborne contamination during size reduction. CC PS 413 will push any liquid held up in the pipe to vent locations for collection. The need for glovebags and other containment is eliminated and the level of respiratory protection is reduced.   

CC PS 413 application will increase productivity and reduce risk to personnel and the environment. Heavy equipment is used during demolition and the process can be complicated if contaminated pipes run underneath concrete slabs. Contamination controls can be maintained when CC PS 413 is used and it will allow heavy equipment cut or crush the pipes (Example, hydraulic shear) without concern for contamination spread or generation of airborne radioactivity.   

CC PS 413 has been used at several DoE sites and is leading the way in size reduction. Please click on the photos and documents below for more information on completed projects and contact us to discuss your project.   

We can offer CC PS 413, application equipment and training to contractors involve in demolition and remediation of contaminated facilities.