Demolition of contaminated facilities require strict controls to protect the health of personnel and pollution of the environment. CC Demo 100 is a technologically advanced blend of polymers developed for use during demolition of Radiological and Beryllium contaminated facilities. The product is mixed with water and forms a viscous liquid that penetrates rubble and soil to form a penetrating protective layer over contaminated demolition debris. This layer insures large-scale control of radiological contamination, beryllium and other hazardous materials. 

CC Demo 100 is applied during the process of demolition and excavation and at the end of the day shift to serve as a blanket cover for off-shift stabilization. Apply CC Demo 100 periodically to coat areas of concern and prevent re-suspension and contamination during aggressive operations. Unlike traditional products that simply cover contaminated debris, CC Demo 100 addresses the specific needs of contaminated demolition by seeping deep into the rubble and stabilize unseen areas within the pile of debris.  

CC Demo 100 is a dry powder packaged in 35 Ib bags and applied using a Hydroseeding Machine. It can sprayed up 200 feet with a discharge rate of 85 gallons per minute. 100 gallons of CC Demo 100 will coat approximately 2,500 – 3,000 square feet.  

We can offer CC Demo 100, application equipment and training to contractors involved in demolition an remediation of contaminated facilities. 

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