LINE-X Coating Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Corrosion is one of the leading causes of premature failure in metals and concrete structures. It affects every major aspect of oil and gas exploration, production, storage and transportation. Exposure to the harsh operating environment overtime can cause degradation, significant losses in down time, replacement cost, material of labor expenditure, loss of revenue, loss of infrastructure and in some cases, loss of human lives. For example, in 1970, a gas explosion caused by pipelines corrosion break in Osaka, Japan caused 75 deaths on the spot.

Solutions for corrosion control and management of oil and gas assets include the application of special coatings to protect the substrate and eliminate direct contact with the environmental gases that causes corrosion, abrasion and degradation. It is important to select the proper solution that meets the environmental standards and performance goals of your operating environment.

Our LINE-XProtective coatings offer a full range of solutions designed to provide long-term corrosion protection, impact resistance, crack resistance, chemical protection, abrasion resistance etc. By controlling the behavior of the substrate, our coatings can mitigate chemical, electrochemical and mechanical reactions that adversely alter the efficiency and structural integrity of metals or concrete operating in corrosive environments or under extreme loads.

Key advantage of LINE-X coatings is the ability to apply on just about anything that needs protection above ground, underground or underwater. The LINE-X coating can spray at various thickness, is seamless, elastomeric, and will adhere well to properly prepared substrates consequently providing a monolithic or watertight membrane that has excellent cathodic protection (CP), impact resistance, abrasion resistance, crack resistance and lifelong durability.

Application Summary include:

  • Above ground, underground and submerged transmission pipelines
  • Above ground, underground and submerged steel and concrete storage tanks
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Fire hydrants, working areas etc.
  • Offshore and onshore decks, helicopter landing pads etc.
  • Floating platforms, oil rigs, etc.

Features & Benefits:

Green Chemistry:

  • No VOCs, 100%
  • No sulfur or fluorine
  • Comply with environmental health and safety standards.

Cost Saving:

  • Fast cure in seconds, quick return to service, minimal operational down time, and improved efficiency.
  • Long term protection
  • Low Maintenance

High Performance:

  • Exceptional chemical and salt resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Exceptional tensile strength
  • Exceptional tear strength
  • Excellent non-skid resistance
  • Watertight Resistance
  • Blast Resistance


  • Various colors available
  • Adheres to concrete, brick, steel, aluminum, wood, etc.,
  • Can be used with composite material to increase performance
  • Prevents leaks, rust and corrosion

LINE-X is a dependable brand name that has been tested, in use and continuously proving to exceed the durability and service life of oil and gas assets in the North Sea, Middle East and other parts of the world.

Industrial Pipe LINE-X Coating Application

Industrial Pipe LINE-X Coating Application

Industrial Pipe LINE-X Coating Application

Industrial Pipe LINE-X Coating Application