LINE-X Coating : Others JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Others Others Our products are widely used in theme parks as a protective coating on EPS, wood and other structures to create themed characters, artificial rocks, building fascia, pools, etc. Our line of coatings is remarkable, and the range of use is only limited by one’s […]


LINE-X Coating on Automobiles JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Automobiles Automobiles LINE-X Protective Coatings offers the best bedliner and general vehicle body protective coatings unmatched in the market. These durable, easy to clean, abrasion resistant and impact protected liners protect vehicles from harsh operating conditions. They also protect against rust and corrosion from damaging […]

Marine and Boats

LINE-X Coating Marine and Boats JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Marine and Boats Marine and Boats Corrosion, impact and abrasion are some of the major problems in the marine industry. It is the leading cause of premature failure in metal, fiberglass, wood and concrete structures. Exposure to seawater, corrosion, impact, abrasion can cause costly […]

Oil and Gas

LINE-X Coating Oil and Gas JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Oil and Gas Oil and Gas Corrosion is one of the leading causes of premature failure in metals and concrete structures. It affects every major aspect of oil and gas exploration, production, storage and transportation. Exposure to the harsh operating environment overtime can cause […]

Building and Road Construction

/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Building__Road_Construction_LINE-X_polyurea.mp4 JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Building and Road Construction Building and Road Construction Concrete, steel, aluminum, bricks and wood are predominantly the most widely used building materials. Problems associated to these materials include ambient, thermal and moisture variations, humidity, water penetration, chemical attack, etc. Long term exposure to the elements can cause scaling, […]


Previous Next JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Industries Industries Polyurethane and Polyurea plays a very important role in industry and the technology has been harnessed in every segment of industry since it was first discovered decades ago. LINE-X Protective Coatings has been designing and developing elastomeric coatings for nearly 30 years and we offer […]

Security and Defense

JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Security and Defense Security and Defense The emerging situation in the world has created the need for nations to revise, redefine and develop the content of national security and defense for protection and safety against all forms of threat. LINE-X PAXCON is an engineering solution that provides […]

Glass Protection

JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Glass Protection Glass Protection Safetydrape® is the only blast curtain system that has been independently tested to mitigate glass hazard under various blast and impact loads. This patented drapery system is designed to be attach to the interior frame of a window essentially to trap flying glass […]

Spall Protection

JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Spall Protection Spall Protection Ballistic steel is used in buildings, military vehicles, special vehicles, aircraft, and vessels for protection against firearms, impact, blast etc. A common drawback in this system is when a projectile strikes ballistic steel. The impact can cause spalling of deadly tiny shrapnel that can cause […]

Blast and Impact Mitigation

JHSC Home / Products / LINE-X Home / Blast and Impact Mitigation Blast and Impact Mitigation The design of buildings to resist blast loads is a global concern. Studies indicate violent attacks against occupied buildings and critical assets will continue to be attractive targets because of collateral damage. In the event of a bomb blast or explosion, […]