PU Foam Based Wedge Absorbers

PU Foam Based Wedge Absorbers

 PU foam based wedge absorbers 3670

The main advantage is to reduce the back scattering of pyramid absorbers get an even more quiet quiet zone

This PU foam based wedge absorbers has the properties similar to the pyramid absorbers with same height. It also has excellent performance in 100MHz-110GHz. It is mainly applied in large compact anechoic chamber and tapered anechoic chambers. The main advantage is to reduce the back scattering of pyramid absorbers and get an even more quiet zone.


  • These absorbers have a wedge-shaped appearance in blue color 
  • Pliable and flexible, the pyramids are designed so they don’t bend after long-term use. The absorbing properties will not change in 10 years.
  • Oxygen index ≥ 29% (GB/T2406-93), which belongs to flame retardant B2 level (GB8624-1997)
  • Good environmental performance, all raw materials meet the environmental requirements, no volatile, no smell and non-toxic.
  • Working conditions: general indoor application:
    • Long-time working temperature: -50 °C ~ 90 °C
      Short-time working temperature: -100 °C ~ 120 °C
    • Relative humidity: 55% ± 15%
      Frequency range: 30 MHz ~ 110 GHz
  • Installation method: it generally uses an environmental protective adhesive to paste the absorbers on the shield body; when the absorbers’ height is below 500 mm, Velcro installation can be applied. Fasteners can also be used to install the absorbers which will facilitate the replacement of absorbers and the relocation of the chambers.

Schematic diagram of PU foam based wedge absorbers

Schematic diagram of 3670 series PU foam based wedge absorbers
3670-200 (200 mm height PU foam based wedge absorber)



Product specification and part numbers:

Part numberBase size
(mm x mm)
Pyramid quantity
per unit
Unit size
A x C x B
(mm x mm x mm)
Standard weight
3670-200600 x 6006200 × 10 × 58
3670-3006300 × 10 × 710
3670-4953495 × 20 × 7.515
3670-700600*4002700 × 20 × 1024



Reflection loss / Shielding performance

Part numberReflection loss under vertical incidence
(-dB @ GHz)
Power handing capacity
3670-200 2532354248501.5
3670-300 3038454850501.5
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In your situation results may differ, please read our Guarantee.

Please note:

  • For the data below 500 MHz, it is obtained by low-frequency coaxial test method (GJB5239-2004); while for the data above 1 GHz, it is obtained by far-field RCS test method (GJB2038A-2011)
  • The performance data listed in the above table is the guaranteed data, and the measured data would be equal to or better than the guaranteed data.
  • The bold part number is a stock item and can be delivered immediately
  • Certification: CE RoHS

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