Ultra high performance filters for the highest shielding demands

The Ultra high performance filter is a superior filter housed in a three compartment casing with bolted covers and accessible terminals that achieves 100 dB insertion transmission loss at 14 kHz and above.

This series is offered as a two line filter (single phase and neutral) or as a four line filter (three phases and neutral). The two line filter can withstand up to 230 Volt, 1-150 amp and 46 kW. If you are looking for a filter that can withstand more power we have the four line filter, this filter delivers up to 400 Volt, 1-150 amp and 138 kW. The neutral line is always attenuated and all conductors are decoupled from each other. This allows the conductors to operate independently without attenuation loss.

The filter is made to withstand the harshest environment, and is very economical. Because of the custom design for your own filter, the assembly is very simple and always with very low leakage. This filter is also a stock item and therefore always available quickly.

The circuit is designed as a symmetrical double- circuit with high quality rod cores providing inductance. These cores do not saturate due to their large air gap and they are insensitive to asymmetrical load.

Foil capacitors ensure a long operating life by their self healing feature even after voltage transients. A seamless fixing of the filter casing to the shielded room is very important to ensure correct operation. The filter is housed in a casing that has a base flange which provides stable mounting and excellent earthing when bolted to the shielded room via the mounting bolts.

Please note: EMP protection is available on request.


  • For harsh environment
  • Very economical use
  • High performance
  • Low leakage
  • Easy mounting
  • Stock item
  • Custom design


  • EMC test laboratories
  • Anechoic chambers
  • Tempest rooms
  • facilities

Rated current available from 6 amp to 3000 amp in both single and three phase versions. Filters are ideally suited for applications where the very highest performance is demanded.


These protections are designed for mounting on the penetration panel or directly on the non-painted wall of the Faraday cage. Mounting terminals dependent on the amount of power. Please see Connection in the Product range table.


Installation diagram

The technical drawing below shows how a power line filter is mounted on the wall a your Faraday cage.

Technical data

Rated voltage VR for two-line filters250 VAC/500 VDCline-line or line-case
Rated voltage VR for four-line filters440 VAC
250 VAC
Rated Frequency fRDC -60 Hz 
Rated Current IRSee characteristicsreferred to +40 °C ambient temperature
Number of lines2/4 
Test voltage1200 VDC / 2 sLine-line or line-case
Voltage drop/phase ΔV<1%of VR at 50 Hz and IR
Leakage current I LeakageSee characteristicsat 380 V / 220 V and 50 Hz
Reactive current I ReactiveSee characteristicsat 380 V / 220 V and 50 Hz
Discharge Time to Below 34 V30 s 
Climatic category25/070/21 
Shielding performance100 dB @14 kHz ~ 40 GHz
Insertion loss100 dB @50 kHz ~ 40 GHz

General characteristics

For a clean main supply into a shielded room, high performance filters are indispensable. Usually, these filters are directly mounted on the shielding wall. It is recommended to route filtered lines into the shielded room (Faraday cage) through the wall with an optional flexible metal conduit.

  • Mains filter for single and three phase systems
  • Insertion transmission loss 100 dB @ 14 kHz
  • Double – ∏ circuit
  • Rod cores allow asymmetrical load
  • Self-healing effect of foil capacitors

Shielding performance


2 line filter
4 line filter circuit

Single phase and neutral filter types: 230 Volt | 1-150 amp | 34 kVA

TypeABCDEFGinstallation instructionsDimensional diagramIR (A)Leakage (A)*Reactive (A)DC Resistance (Ω)Power dissipation (w)Connection
8010-4-1628830512075045011080M24 conduit screw2160.73.57070M6 Screw
8010-4-3228830512075045011080M24 conduit screw2320.952080M6 Screw
8010-4-6334836514092062011080M33 conduit screw2630.9515170M6 Screw
8010-4-1003483651801480100016080M60 conduit screw31001.795220M12 Screw
8010-4-1503483651801480100016080M60 conduit screw31501.793270M12 Screw
* If voltage between neutral and earth is 0V