Transparent shielding foil windows

Transparent EMI/RFI-shielding foil windows 9910 series consist of a strong polyester film with a layer of transparent conductive coating from our 9900 series Transparent shielding foil laminated on one side of a single glass or plastic window.

Transparent EMI/RFI-shielding foil 9910 series can also be laminated onto an existing window, if the window is brought to us, or onto any new window made of:

  • polycarbonate (material code P)
  • acrylic (material code A)
  • glass (material code G)
The large window on the left is a 9700 series Mesh foil window. The two smaller windows are 9910 series Transparent shielding foil windows. The 9910 series Transparent shielding foil windows are clearly more transparent.

Shielding performance

These values are measured under laboratory conditions.In other situations results may differ; please read our Guarantee.

9010 Series Transparent EMI/RFI-shielding foil window with a silver busbar and mounting holes according to customer drawing
9910 series Transparent shielding foil windows are very transparent and therefore suitable for applications where transparency plays an important role
With our ITO printer we can print ITO coating on any desired material

Technical drawing

The layered construction of the 9910 series Transparent EMI-shielding foil windows

Contact edges

Transparent EMI/RFI-shielding foil window 9910 series is only conductive on one side. If you want to make a connection with the other side of the window which is not conductive, we can add a contact edge for you. We can also supply the windows complete with an Aluminium frame for easy mounting in Faraday cages and MRI rooms.

Below you will see the contact edges that are available for a 9910 series Transparent EMI shielding window.

(C) With copper edges for grounding
(S) With a silver busbar
(N) No extra contact edge. There still is electrical conduction on the top side of the glass.
(TC) With tinned copper edges for easy soldering and grounding
(F) With Aluminium frame for shielded enclosures, Faraday cages and MRI rooms


Connection from the conductive side of the Transparent EMI/RFI shielding foil 9900 series to a conductive mounting surface of the construction can be provided by Shielded tape 3201 series or by clamp-mounted Ultra soft shield 7400 series.

Please note: the top layer can be affected by acid, for example from the human skin. To protect the conductive layer, you can apply a transparent film or use the non-conductive side on top.

Small optical defects are allowed in this product. If you need a product that is absolutely free from optical defects, please contact us for the “superior selected quality”. Do be aware though that due to the extreme caution required to manufacture these products, they can be several times more expensive.