Transparent shielding foil

Transparent shielding foil with specialty of one side conductive meanwhile optical transmittance, is widely used for applications of EL panel, LCD EMI shielding, touch screen, flexible solar cell etc.

Transparent EMI/RFI-shielding foil 9900 series is a polyester film with a transparent conductive coating. The foil provides excellent electric and electromagnetic shielding of 40 -70 dB at 10 kHz to 300 Mhz and 25-40 dB from 300 MHz to 22 Ghz.

In addition to EMI/RFI/EMC shielding it is also used for grounding and static discharge applications. Typical applications are transparent shielding panels for visual displays in instrumentation equipment, control panels and computers. The light transmission is 65-95%, depending on the electrical conductivity (20-5 Ohm/sq).

Due to its transparency, Transparent EMI/RFI-shielding foil 9900 series is the optimal choice for optical clarity.

For TEMPEST sites or radar/telecom protection, large dimensions are available.

If you have a drawing of a specific shape you require, please send it to for a quotation.


  • Standard transparent EMI-shielding foil
  • Transparent EMI-shielding foil with silver busbar
  • Transparent EMI-shielding foil with copper edges for grounding


  • Transparent shielding foil for LED glass
  • Transparent conductive layer for transmitting electron
  • Transparent shielding foil for capacity touch key
  • Transparent protective film for anti fog

Technical Details

  • Shielding effectiveness 25 – 70 dB (10 kHz – 22 GHz) 5Ω/□ & 50Ω/□
  • Light transmission 65-95%
  • Foil thickness 0.17mm
  • Commonly used for displays, medical, military, general electronics
  • Maximum sheet/roll width 1220mm

9900 – 5 ohm and 50 ohm 30 MHz – 3 GHz

 Attenuation 50 ohm
   Attenuation 5 ohm

9900 – 5 ohm and 50 ohm 1 GHz – 22 GHz

   9900 50 ohm square without busbar
   9900 5 ohm square without busbar

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

* For high shielding performance, see Mesh foil 9000 series or Ready mesh foil windows 9700 series.

Sheet styles

Sheet style #1STDSheet style #2BARSheet style #3CAR
Standard transparent EMI-shielding foil.
No extra contact edge.
There is electrical conduction on the top side of the foil.
Transparent EMI-shielding foil with silver busbar.Transparent EMI-shielding foil with copper edges for grounding.

Micro Suction Silicone Adhesive

For easy manual application of the foil we have developed a new Micro Suction Silicone adhesive. This adhesive has a number of advantages that make the film easy to position. Our advise is to use standard adhesive only for laminating machines or very very experienced people. For all else use this new Micro Suction Silicone Adhesive


  • Reusable / Repositionable
  • Never attach permanently
  • Easily applied by hand, less bubbling

Please note: Transparent protective foil containing Micro Absorbent Silicone adhesive has a thickness of 370 microns / 0.37 mm.

Please note: the top layer can be affected by acid, for example from the human skin. To protect the conductive layer, you can apply a transparent film or use the non-conductive side on top.

Small optical defects are allowed in this product. If you need a product that is absolutely free from optical defects, please contact us for the “superior selected quality”. Do be aware though that due to the extreme caution required to manufacture these products, they can be several times more expensive.