Transparent coating with flexibility

Transparent coating with flexibility is a polyurethane graphene hybrid paint. It is suitable for applications where a highly conductive surface is required on a flexible surface. For example on:

  • PVC
  • P.U. elastomer
  • Fabrics
  • Rubber variants
  • Leather
  • Etc.

Technical data

Surface Resistivity <107 ohms/Sq
Colour Transparent
Flash Point 4 °C
Overcoating Possible at any stage of dry
Film ThicknessWet50 micron
Dry10 – 15 micron
Elongation Approximately 500%
Finish Low gloss
Coverage Approx. 10 sq.m/litre. (dependent on substrate)
Storage 12 months in original sealed containers
Maximum VOC Content 0.8 kgs/ltr


Typical applications include the removal of static electricity from electronic components in sensitive areas, such as touch screen monitors and flexible control panels in hospitals, as well as ATEX processing environments such as oil rigs etc. The 3822 transparant coating is generally applied directly to a clean and grease free substrate.

Thinners may attack some plastics, try before applying. The paint is thinned with approximately 15-30 % thinner for spraying or 10% thinner for brushing.

The 3822 is an air drying coating that is touch dry in approximately 5 minutes at 20 °C, hard dry in 20 minutes, with full properties in around 1 hour.


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