Signal line filters

These signal line filters are specially designed to use for telephone, fax, fire detection, video signal and AC/DC switch signal with a rated current between 0.3 A and 1 A. The filter is in compliance with standards specified by national military class C and D shielded room and anechoic chamber.

This series is only offered as a two line filter (phase and neutral).


  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • AC/DC
  • Switch signal
  • Fire detection
  • Door opening buttons
  • All other application using the passband specified in the table below

Product range

TypeRated voltageRated currentOutline drawingConduit sizePassbandTypical applications
8090-2-0.3-20 kHz250 VDC2 x 0.3 A1M120-20 kHzTelephone, fax
8090-2-1-100 kHz250 VAC2 x 1 A1M120-100 kHzControl, voice
8090-2-16-100 kHz250 VAC2 x 16 A3M160-100 kHzAirconditining unit
8090-1-1-6 MHz100 VDC1 x 1 A2M160-6 MHzVideo signal
8090-2-1-6 MHz100 VDC2 x 1 A1M160-6 MHzSpecial fire alarm

Dimensional Diagrams

Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 3